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Unmuted Voices for Sustainable Urban Development

The research activities were guided by principles of “Transdisciplinary Knowledge Co-production”, that allowed inclusion and participation of different stakeholders; policy makers, government officials, practitioners, civil society, local community, private sector and international partners in the research alongside the academia. The set up was intended to present a holistic approach, starting from the very conception of individual projects, project design and research, to implementation of results, and communicating the findings as well as recommendations to tackle the complex urban challenges. The city platforms, that includes, “Kisumu Local Interaction Platform Trust (KLIP)”, were designed to be neutral entities to bring together different sectors to enhance stakeholder interactions, exchange and sharing of ideas for generation of knowledge necessary to promote urban sustainability.

The results to date are; established city platforms with both local and international networks, and a means of understanding and incorporating local and/ or traditional forms of knowledge into development to promote democracy, confidence and legitimacy of the outputs and outcomes.

Kisumu Local Interaction Platform Trust (KLIP) has therefore organized a Webinar on 29th March, 2021 commencing from 11:00 to 13:00 East African Time (EAT), to present findings and impacts resulting from this innovative research approach. It will present ways of dealing with specific socio-economic and environmental societal needs, while giving attention to global interests, and the knowledge coproduction initiatives aimed at achieving more appropriate and practicable interventions within our society. The findings and impacts need to be understood well by the stakeholders, and means to upscale, replicate and/ or improvements for increased benefits, need further considerations.